Blue Stone can handle all of your lawn care needs from mowing to edging. Thinking about de-thatching, aerating, or reseeding? We can do that for you so that your lawn is healthier and more pristine for your enjoyment.


Have you declared war on blackberries in your yard? Looking to take back your space from an overgrowth of wild plants or clear overgrown varieties that got a little carried away? Blue Stone can return your space to a usable one quickly so that you can get back to enjoying it instead of fighting it.


Struggling to keep those new fruit trees you planted wet? Is that hedge not thriving because the rainfall just is not enough? Consider an irrigation system to target only where you need the water to go. Blue Stone can help plan, source, and install your irrigation solution.


If it is time to take down a few branches or fell a dying tree? Blue Stone can safely address the issue for you. Annual pruning and shaping is also available.