Blue Stone specializes in hardscaping, allowing you to bring to life the landscape for your unique property. Whether you are looking to create that back yard patio area for year-round entertaining or looking to beautify a haphazard set of steps, Blue Stone can offer a hardscape solution that can be enjoyed for a lifetime.


Blue Stone can help you boost curb appeal by replacing your aging and cracked driveways or patio areas. Add paver accents to the new poured slab to create modern visual appeal for your home. You will be delighted by how much difference it can make!


Blue Stone has years of experience in the construction of strong, well-draining retaining walls. If you have an older property you may be facing leaning or crumbling walls that no longer meet the needs of your space. Correct the problem for good by utilizing our experience and quality construction. A well-built retaining wall is a significant boost to property value and a perfect way to reclaim yard space or shore up troublesome sloping areas.


If you’re looking for a more natural looking wall consider a rockery wall. It adds texture and balance to compliment your planters and yard. By utilizing large landscaping rocks and some serious structural skills Blue Stone can bring to life a rock wall that looks like it was there to begin with. 


Looking to create a pathway or patio that welcomes you and your guests? Blue Stone can help you plan elegant walkways and outdoor spaces that will stand the test of time. With years of experience and honed skills, your transformed space will be the talk of the neighborhood!


Privacy and wildlife visitors might lead you consider a fencing option, but with so many to choose how do you decide what kind? Blue Stone can work with you to create a unique and affordable solution whether it be mixed materials or something more traditional. Let us know your goals and we can work to meet your needs so that you can get back to enjoying your space as you intended.